Get started by reading the Fair Farms Rules, Standard, and Audit Guidelines


The Fair Farms Rules are the terms on which a business agrees to participate in the Fair Farms Program. Fair Farms participants must always comply with the Fair Farms Rules and the requirements of the Fair Farms Standard.

Failure to comply with the Fair Farms Rules or the requirements of the Fair Farms Standard may result in a Participant’s Fair Farms Certification being suspended or withdrawn.


The Fair Farms Standard is an industry-owned standard describing fair and responsible employment practices that, if implemented by a participant, provide assurance (through a third-party audit) that the participant employs and treats workers in a fair and responsible manner.

The Standard should be read by participants PRIOR to registering with Fair Farms.


The Fair Farms Audit Guide describes the Fair Farms audit process and requirements and is to be read in conjunction with the Fair Farms Rules, the Fair Farms Standard and the Audit Checklist, as amended from time to time.

Fair Farms documentation is under continuous review by the Fair Farms Technical Steering Committee and key stakeholders and will be updated on a regular basis.