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Training Process

  1. Participant purchases training hours from their Supplier Dashboard
  2. Admin user gets a notification when training hours have been purchased. Tyson and Finance will receive the payment notification. The trainers will also receive an email.
  3. Trainer (Donna/Lucy/Rebecca) to contact Participant within 24 hours to schedule training. Consider using a booking app so Participants can book autonomously at available time slots. MS Bookings, maybe use later.
  4. Trainer will schedule training from the book training page. 
  5. Trainer prepares and delivers training. 
  6. Once training is complete, trainer should send out a feedback form, which is an email link to a survey page. 
  7. Trainer goes into the system to log training hours. Do this by going to the Training Sessions page, finds the training session and update information. The log training info page has the following fields to update:
    1. Summary – This is an optional field to briefly summarise the training. 
    2. Unit Completion Report – Please upload a PDF file of the unit completion report. 
    3. Sessions Duration – This is the training hour to be logged. Please note that once this number is submitted, and the status of the training has been set to complete, the hours will be deducted from the PBU’s training quota automatically. As long as the session duration remains consistent when you’re updating training, the quota should be adjusted correctly. (e.g. If you need to change the training summary after training is complete, and you had the duration set to 2 before. Leave this as 2, then the PBU’s training quota won’t be changed). 
    4. Status of the training – Please mark this as “complete” once this training session has been completed. 
  8. When a training session has been set to complete, system admin will receive an email notifying them that the session has been completed. 
  9. If the PBU has completed all required training, sys admin will then go to the PBU Statues page to update PBU’s training status to Training Requirements Met, and Audit status to OK to Schedule
  10. Sys admin to send an email to the participant to encourage them to schedule audit.