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Third-Party Audit

Should you wish to become Fair Farms certified, each of your Controlled Sites will need to undergo a third-party audit by an approved Certification Body. Once all your Controlled Sites have completed the audit and cleared any findings, your business (PBU) is ready for certification.

The audit will be conducted against the Fair Farms Standard. You may proceed to schedule your audit once you’ve completed any required training. Your audit status will then show as “OK to schedule”. Please refer to the Fair Farms Rules and the Fair Farms Audit Guide for further details regarding the audit process. Schedule the audit. To do the audit, you will need to engage an auditor (Certification Body).

Below are contact details of Certification Bodies that are approved to audit the Fair Farms Standard. The Certification Body will ask you to provide relevant information regarding each of the Controlled Sites that are to be audited. Make sure you provide them with the Fair Farms Controlled Site ID (view the table above under the heading).


Approved Certification Bodies