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Helping you manage labour hire risks

Using a labour hire provider (LHP) does not mean that labour laws don’t apply to your business. Far from it! If the LHP you use does the wrong thing by its workers, then your business could be liable. The main areas of risk relate to workplace health and safety (WHS),...

Sexual harassment in the workplace 

May 2021 | Fruit & Vegetable News magazine Around the country the topic of sexual harassment has been a common theme recently. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, 72 per cent of Australians over the age of 15 have experienced sexual harassment in...

Fair Farms Gains Momentum – 50% Growth in Certifications

March 2021 | Fruit & Vegetable News magazine Growcom’s Fair Farms program, which supports growers in proving their commitment to fair wages and decent treatment of the labour force in the horticultural industry, has started to gain ground with the number of...

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